Terrie Davis is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Aquatic Therapist, Certified Therapeutic Recreation  Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer with many more specialized medical and non-medical credentials. She received her Masters in Exercise Physiology 2006, Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation in 1983.  Has worked for 30 plus years as a therapist in rehabilitation centers of all levels from acute care to outpatient. Has worked even longer in health and fitness centers and owned her own successful fitness center.

Her expertise lies in improving the quality of life by decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, abilities to assist individuals to return to work and/or their chosen leisure time interests – sports, dance, fitness, out doors etc…. Her Credentials require her to continue to learn ways of helping and she gears her continuing education in the direction to help the people she works with. Also has created ways of helping others and has taught classes at LSU Medical School and CP  Rehabilitation Center to name just two.

Her fitness knowledge has assisted individuals to meet their goals of weight loss, compete in triathlons, marathons and so much more.

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