Body Work Studio offers a wide variety of services to help your body and mind.  Please feel free to review our services.  Don’t see a particular service your are interested in, or have a question about what we offer?  Please contact us so that we can help identify the perfect service for your needs.


Therapeutic Massage– A blend of many massage techniques to decrease stress, decrease pain and increase healing from injures, trama, prosture analysis and relaxation.

Discounts for: students with valid ID, seniors 65 and older, active members of volunteer fire departments, clergy and your birthday month.

Gift Certificates available:  Anniversaries, holidays, Weddings, Birthdays, Friendship, Showers or just because.

Techniques used are, but not limited to: effleurage, muscle stripping, accupressure, cranial sacral work, myofacial, reflexology and more.

Hours vary – Contact for appointment, pricing or any questions you may have.

Please arrive 5 minutes before scheduled appointment to allow time to prepare for your treatment.
We regret late arrivals will received a condensed treatment.
We require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice for cancellations.

*Some insurances will cover this.

Recreation/Leisure Therapy  –

Regain and/or learn new skills after injuries, illness to improve your quality of life.

Aquatic Therapy –

Fitness, skill development, recovery from injuries, massage techniques applied in water. The advantage of water is increased work load with resistance and less pressure on the joints which enables a great deal more movement, as well as instant biofeedback.

Personal Training:
Individual training
Fitness Groups and Classes

Instructional classes:
Aerobic and Fitness Instructor   (24 hour Course)   Certification of completion/passing
– courses taught at your facility and additional fee for books and materials.

Fitness classes range from beginner to advanced(yoga, Pilate’s, interval training, aerobics and more) and classes that can deal with special needs (previous injuries, illness, etc..) when necessary.  Please note that classes are held in an agreed spot that is available( office, lawn, porch or your facility.

Aquatic therapy and water activities are subject to access to a pool and or water conditions if in open water.

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